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  • We are at facilitating a system which aims at simplifying the streamlining the fulfilment of all types of blood requirements through transparent blood donations of Life Savers like you..
  • A core part of the system is to involve volunteers who would be the motivators and moderators and effective utilization of technology to ensure an effective and transparent process..
  • Initially the focus would be on Hyderabad, India and we plan to make it a nation wide and going forward a global initiative..
  1. General Blood requirements like for surgeries, cancer treatment, pregnancies, etc..
  2. Thalassemia Children – who because of the genetic disorder, need blood nearly every 2-3 weeks. Here we have a Blood Brother, Blood Sister initiative.
  3. Plasma Donations – including for addressing the NEED FOR COVID patients..
  4. Platelets in cases like dengue..
  • Information on organizing Blood Donation Camps is also provided..
  • Here a continuous effort is being made to inform and educate the people on blood requirement and need and process for blood donations. Safety, Precautions, Guidelines and much more to involve more and more folks in this Noble life saving act.
  • We welcome you to be part of and join this movement. Through this virtual family we would have a better connect with the processes and donors if there may be a requirement for our family and friends as well..