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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1.Is there any benefit of blood donation to me?

    A: Yes, apart from the benefit to the patients who need blood, the donor feels the joy, pleasure & satisfaction of having done something for the greater good to mankind. You get to know your blood group and have a free medical check up.

    2.How often can you donate blood?

    A: A three month gap between donations is considered safe.

    3.How much blood is collected per donation?

    A: An average adult has about 4-5 litres of blood of which only 350 to 450ml of blood is collected during a donation

    Who gets the blood that I donate?

    A: Generally patients in hospitals in the vicinity of blood banks benefit from your donation. They include pregnant mothers, cancer patients, haemophiliacs, and accident victims, people undergoing various surgeries or transplants and especially Thalassemia patients, who need regular monthly blood transfusion throughout their life.

    4.Do I need to carry anything with me for blood donation?

    A: Carry some identification and a contact number though it is not mandatory for donation. But it helps the blood bank to update their records and contact you if needed carry relevant medical records like the list of medications that you are currently taking or latest blood reports, if any

    5.How long does it take to give blood?

    A: The procedure is done by skilled, specially trained personnel and takes three to eight minutes. However, from start to finish-filling for post donation rest etc, the entire process may take around 30 minutes

Blood donation make us fellweek Even regular donation every three months does not lead to weekness
after each donation you can resume normal avtivities after ashort period rest
Iam scared getting infections through donation Blood donation is a safe medical procedure and is done using one time use sterile blood bags.You cannot get infected during blood donation
Women & girls cannot donate blood Except during brief periods of pregnancy breastfeeding and aborttions,all females who fulfil other criteria can safely donate blood
I am too old to danate You can start any time after 18 andcontinue till 65 years preferable donate the first time before 60 years
I donated alredy You can donate blood every 90 days and enrol as a regular blood donor
I am saving up for when my family needs it Donate today,and help the blood banks maintain its bloods stocks.So that it is adequate for your family and others